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Sapphires are a universally beloved gemstone. They're a symbol of devotion and integrity. They've long been a favorite choice for royal jewels and are sometimes called the "gemstone of kings".

Here are five interesting stories / links about sapphires:

1. The world's largest sapphire cluster (2.5 million carats) was found in someone's backyard - worth nearly 100 million dollars. 

2. Read why the Ceylon sapphire engagement ring Princess Diana selected was an act of rebellion.

3. Sapphires were first discovered in Montana in 1865 - in gravel found along the Missouri river. Since then, millions of stones have entered the gemstone market. 

4. Queen Elizabeth's jewels have special history, including the Imperial Crown which holds the famous Stuart Sapphire. 

5. Curious about sapphire qualities? This is a great guide. 

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