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Our Story

After decades of moving between cities and adventuring around the world, I’ve realized that we can only carry so much. Of all the objects I journey with, jewelry keeps me connected to my true essence - no matter where I am. 

I launched SMFJ from my NYC apartment in February 2020. After years of jewelry training - in the Colorado workshop of an artisan goldsmith, FIT’s jewelry design program, and working in 47th street production for NYC’s most elite bridal designers, it was finally time. 

I knew I wanted to help adventurers find the jewelry I could never find in my own search - colorful, durable, and joyful. Each with a compelling origin story, and inspired by my love of home and adventure.

As our small company expands, I remain committed to intentional design and the responsible fabrication of each piece we make - right here in the heart of the city.

"Of all the objects I journey with, jewelry keeps me connected to my true essence, no matter where I am."

Why Jewelry?

As we move through life - we pursue work we love, we move to new places, we fall in love, we build families. We change, we grow. We experience births, and even deaths.

All along, we ask the question: “What's worth carrying along on my journey”?

From early nomadic civilizations to modern city dwellers, through war and peace, humans have been wearing jewelry for 7,000 years.

As the world's first art form, jewelry remains relevant because of our intrinsic love of self adornment and its practicality, as a reasonably-sized investment that can be transported across time and space.

Only Bring What You Can Carry.

Your Story

Unlike many of the mass-produced, disposable objects our consumerist culture coerces us to buy, fine jewelry can go wherever we go, reflecting our true essence for our entire lifetime.

If it’s going to last for the journey, you need jewelry that reflects your true essence.

Our Inspiration

Sarah loves the Italian Proverb: “Tutto il mondo e paese” (All of the world is my hometown). Her design inspiration is found at a crossroads, where home and adventure meet.

Her colorful Colorado roots are constantly intersecting with a love for the sleek geometric lines found in the sparkling skyline of New York City, where she now lives. Nostalgia for the places she’s visited - in Africa, Asia, and South America - is constantly revealing itself in the form of references to nature, art, and architecture.