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Dear Friends, 

I wanted to take some time to introduce you to my newest jewelry collection, Ceremonies

Ceremonies is all about marking your Love

Yes, these special occasion jewels are definitely about marking love that’s shared during engagements and on a wedding day, but they’re about so much more than that. They’re about marking moments throughout our life stories - at new beginnings, crossroads, and important transitions of all kinds. 

When creating Ceremonies, I thought frequently about these sorts of Love moments:

Love shared across the years of a marriage or long-term partnership.
Love that’s experienced when a new child is born into a growing family. 
Love felt when moving to a new city and starting our dream job. 
Love shared when a couple makes a commitment to care for and cherish one another.

Of course, the jewelry itself is memorable. I’ve hand-selected unconventional stones in beautiful shades of yellow and “constellation” grey. Sparkling rose-cuts sit alongside half moons and trillion-shaped diamonds. Each one of a kind ring is designed to effortlessly stack with a variety of bands that are made with reclaimed melee diamonds and recycled yellow gold. And all are set in modern, durable settings that will endure as unique heirlooms across the years. 

I hope you enjoy these beauties, because it was a joy to make them for you. I’m excited to watch you mark the moments of Love in your life, and I’m here to help however I can.



If you’re interested in setting up a private digital or in-person appointment (in NYC or CO), I’m happy to answer questions, discuss sizing/stacking options, and explore which Ceremonies piece could be the right fit for you. Email to set up an appointment today.
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