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Hi folks, Sarah and Ryan here. We wanted to drop in and tell you a little bit about how we’re planning to celebrate February 14th. As some of you may know - we love Valentine’s Day. Not only is it a day to celebrate our love for each other, but we also use it as an opportunity to show love to our nearest and dearest.

We send out hundreds of Valentine cards each year (instead of an annual Christmas card), and last year we hosted 14 of our buddies in our 500 square foot Manhattan apartment for a sit-down dinner and dance party. Was it a tight squeeze? For sure. Did our neighbors complain? Absolutely. But it was a blast - one of the most enjoyable and memorable Valentine’s Days we've had. 

This year’s celebration will look a little different (a low-key affair with two adults and a feline), but we still want to spread the love with THIS PLAYLIST. We’ll be jamming out to these songs on Feb 14 while Ryan cooks a José Andrés paella.

Also if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Sarah’s Valentine Video Gift Guide on Instagram. Whether you’re by yourself or celebrating with friends/family/your partner, we’re sending you love this V Day. 

Sarah and Ryan


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