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Holiday Gift Guide

 1. El Saguaro (Cactus) Milagro Necklace   2. Grass Green Tourmaline Trillion Gold Stacker   3. Coral Nugget Necklace    4. Carolina Golden Star Earrings    5. Salt and Pepper Rose Cut Diamond Moon Studs    6. Half Round Golden Band   7. Montana Sapphire Bezel Eternity Band in Silver   8. Silver Denarius Coin Necklace   9. Carolina Star Necklace   10. Variegated Pearl Wrap   11. Vermeer Coin Pearl Dangle 


1. El Saguaro (Cactus) Milagro Necklace

One of a kind green-banded malachite, expertly cut to fit inside a thick golden bezel, plus vintage red coral make this pendant the perfect unique gift for someone who loves symbolic and meaningful jewelry.


2. Grass Green Tourmaline Trillion Gold Stacker

A Sarah Martinez original. Juicy green tourmaline, cut in Sarah’s favorite shape, a trillion (triangle) to represent her home in the mountains of Colorado.


3. Coral Nugget Necklace

Vibrant strands of red coral look gorgeous piled up in multiples, or layered with golden chains for a pop of color.


4. Carolina Golden Star Earrings

The newest addition to our collection, these bold star earrings shine bright in any setting. We're planning to wear them on zoom calls and during socially-distanced holiday hangs with our nearest and dearest. 

5. Salt and Pepper Rose Cut Diamond Moon Studs

‘Tis the season for sparkling snow and diamonds. These unique salt and pepper diamonds are faceted into rose cut half moons and set in recycled golden bezels.


6. Half Round Golden Band

What’s a holiday season without golden rings? Stacked in multiples on one finger, or spread across a hand, these bands are a classic gift choice for anybody on your list.


7. Montana Sapphire Bezel Eternity Band in Sterling Silver

A reimagined version of our popular eternity band in limited quantities just for the holidays. Thirteen ethically-sourced Montana Sapphires in icy shades of green, blue, and grey. 


8. Silver Denarius Coin Necklace

The gift that keeps on giving. A portion of sales from each of our Denarius Coin Necklaces is donated to our partners at The School Justice Project, an organization committed to providing legal services and education access to youth in DC’s justice system.

Silver Denarius Coin Necklace: from $325


9. Carolina Star Necklace

A beloved classic, and a reminder that light shines even on the darkest of winter nights. This necklace is now available in sterling silver and gold.


10. Variegated Pearl Wrap

The mixture of seed, rice, and button pearls creates a unique twist on a classic pearl strand. This versatile gift can be worn on the neck or even the wrist.


11. Vermeer Coin Pearl Dangle

These pearl dangles can be dressed up or down - they’re sure to please anybody on your list - moms, best friends, or yourself!