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March’s watery-hued blue gemstone is refreshingly dreamy. Especially in a time when we’re transitioning from dreary winter into spring. A moment when our senses are sometimes overly stimulated by color, scent, and the excited frenzy that comes with warmer weather. Aquas are unassuming and chill. They’re happy to serve as stand out, show-stopping gemstones, or hang back with more casual everyday looks. 

Via Gemological Institute of America

According to the Gemological Institute of America, Aquamarine’s name comes from the Latin for seawater, and it was said to calm waves and keep sailors safe at sea. And given our world’s current times, is there anything we need more than a little Aqua energy in our lives? I think not. Part of the Beryl family, Aqua’s siblings are the Emerald and Morganite. It’s known for its light greenish-blue color, and relatively large crystal formations which are typically quite clean and free of inclusions. 

Via the Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection

When I think of notable Aquamarines, my mind immediately goes to the late Princess Diana's ring, worn by Meghan Markle as she waved to cameras enroute to her wedding reception in May of 2018. I was obsessed with the entire scene that day - the car, the dress, and definitely the ring. 

Via The Telegraph

Or, I think of the largest Aqua in the world - the 5 pound, 14 inch (!!!) sparkling Dom Pedro Obelisk. This special crystal was mined in Brazil during the 1980’s and now lives in the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum with other important stones like the Hope Diamond and Logan Sapphire. 

Via the Smithsonian Institution

Another favorite is our own beloved Sarah Martinez Aquamarine Trillion Stacker, inspired by the iconic blue skies and mountain peaks of my home in Colorado. It’s the perfect ring to layer up with gold bands, or rest on a finger all by itself. The truth is, whether you’re a March baby or just a water-obsessed, jewelry lover, Aquas have something for everyone. 

Via Sarah Martinez Fine Jewelry

Have a listen to our Spotify Aquamarine Playlist, curated to bring you refreshment throughout this winter-meets-spring transition, as we’re all dreaming of warmer temps and splashing with friends. 



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