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Hello Friends, 

I hope the end of the summer finds you well. So much has happened since I launched my collection last February. Our world is in such a different place - so much pain, sickness, and anger. But also so many new opportunities to question, let ourselves imagine, and rebuild. 

In the midst of all the uncertainty and with an excess of time, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to do my own thinking, building, and designing. I always knew that I wanted to create a second half of my 2020 collection, to be dropped later in the year and still centered around the idea of “home”. But I had no idea how important the concept of home would become - for all of us. 

The places where I’ve lived have brought me so much joy: the wild mountains and deserts of Colorado, and the sparkling urban geometry of New York City. And while I frequently think about these physical places as primary sources of love, inspiration, and connection - home is so much more than a physical place. 

Home is the people I love, the memories we’ve made, the laughter and joy we’ve shared. Home is even found in the suffering and loss I’ve experienced alongside these loved ones. Home is the moments I’ve marked with meals around a table, wild travel adventures, and new learning experiences. 

I want to remember all of this goodness I call home. And, if you’re like me, you understand that physical reminders help us remember. That’s why I think jewelry is so very powerful

With all of that in mind, it’s a joy to present to you the second half of my 2020 jewelry collection, inspired by some evolved ideas about home. As always, the jewels have been created with keen attention to the same core design principles that guide me - color, wearability, shape, material. But this time around, I’ve sought to further expand and challenge my design boundaries - with unique color combinations, specially-cut stones, and a new faith in the stories that meaningful, powerful fine jewelry can tell. 

As I’ve said before, I hope that in wearing and enjoying these heirloom pieces, you, like me, will feel like you’re home. Thank you for joining me on this adventure - let’s keep remembering the goodness!


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