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Hello new and old friends - I’m so glad you’re here! The journey to launch my first collection has been a labor of love, and I’m deeply honored that you’ve decided to join me. The adventure has officially started, and this is just the beginning. I want to share with you some of the inspiration behind my first collection - here are some of the principles that guided my creative process:


From the deep greens and blues of the Colorado mountains to the pinks, peaches, purples, and yellows of the Southwest desert, color played a huge role in the evolution of each piece in the collection. I’ve infused my favorite jewel tones into all corners, letting vibrant color shine above nearly all else.


I’m a strong believer that form and function must always sit equally alongside beauty. With each design, I’ve thought deeply about how that piece should look and feel, carefully choosing materials and settings that are comfortable for the wearer and designed to last for generations.


Throughout the designs, I’ve repeatedly used a rounded triangle cut or “trillion” faceted stone. This shape reminds me of my first home in the mountains of the west, and I love that it feels softer, and slightly more feminine than typical straight-sided triangles. Alongside the trillions, I’ve included other shapes that I love - irregular and elongated organic pearls, baguette-shaped faceted stones, and of course, classic rounds. I’ll further explore these favorite shapes with you in the coming months and in subsequent collections. 


My all-time favorite gemstones are woven through each item in the collection - sparkling white Diamond, rich Tourmaline, vibrant Arizona Turquoise, flashy Boulder Opal, and iridescent Freshwater Pearl. Each material has been paired with a setting that perfectly compliments not only it’s intrinsic beauty, but it’s durability.

When putting this body of jewels together, I had one driving goal - to curate a group of items that feel so comfortable, chic, and fun, that they feel like home to me. These are objects that I love to wear, and I hope you will too. Wear them today, knowing that tomorrow, and the day after that, they will be cherished heirloom pieces. I hope you enjoy!



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